photographer, writer, curator
Catching the reality's tail

Irina Popova is Russian / Dutch photographer, writer and curator with special interest in the subjects of privacy, sincerity and marginality. She works with a combination of the mediums; non-linear multi-focal storytelling, internet & new media, books and installations.

Born in 1986 in Tver, Russia, Popova started to work as a journalist at the age of 16 in the local newspapers and magazines, and made photos for her articles.Since then, she has gained a remarkable reputation for her intimate collections of photo-stories.

Graduated with a degree in journalism at faculty of Philology, Tver State University.

Subsequently graduated from Moscow Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. Artist in Residence at Rijkskademie, Amsterdam.

Popova became scandalously famous for her project “Another Family”, where she told a personal story of a drug-addicted couple with a little daughter. This story got viaral and raised questions about the professional ethics of photojournalism.

“If You Have a Secret” tells the stories of her native land, edited from thousands of images, and seven years of photographic life.

Irina is co-founder of Dostoevsky Photography Society, Dostoevsky Publishing,

Paper Fetish book store, her works were exhibited at Hermitage Museum Amsterdam, Russian museum in St. Petersburg, multiple galleries and photography festivals. Now she is in process establishing an international art residence in the south of Italy.

All photo and video materials belong to Irina Popova, Dostoevsky Photography Agency, All rights reserved, no use or reposting allowed without the owner's written consent.
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